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November 25, 2017

Don't miss out on a spectacular evening with SEASONS: A Magical Musical

On the evening of November 25th, at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, prepare to be immersed in an inspirational and heart-warming production about a young woman's journey through life as a musical protégé. This feature-length holiday tale features unforgettable characters, inspiring contemporary dance, stunning illusions, and an original score by a live symphony orchestra.

SEASONS: A Magical Musical has partnered with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra under world class Maestro Ken Hsieh.

Original orchestration by billboard composer Wendy Yau Sum Cheung (友深)
Dance choreography by Gemma Crowe
Magic by illusionist Rod Chow
Stage Direction by Jonathan Eltis

Seasons: A Magical Musical

SEASONS is the realization of a childhood dream for both composer; Wendy Yau Sum Cheung and magician; Rod Chow. Today, the two prepare for the world premier of the original musical production: SEASONS: A Magical Musical at the stunning Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, on the eve of November 25th, 2017.

“We are very excited to debut our first production. Vancouver audiences will be the first to experience this inspiring story, backed by a live orchestra, told through music, dance and stunning illusions, all wrapped into one spectacular night!” Cheung shares.

SEASONS is in partnership with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, under the conductorship of world class maestro, Kenneth Hsieh. The show’s original symphonic score has been created by award winning composer; Wendy Yau Sum Cheung. Cheung will be featured in the show, playing a beautiful concert grand piano and exhibiting her rich and melodic style. Cheung’s work characterizes each scene to depict the emotions of the seasons while developing the plot.

The story follows the coming-of-age of a young musical protégé, “Faith”, who falls on hard times and must find strength in the magic of the seasons in order to return to her passion and live a fulfilled life. The plot unfurls through scenes of acting, dancing, singing and magic brought to life by a cast of six local, professional dancers, an aspiring young performer and a host of established performers.

Faith’s chance encounter with a magician working as a park custodian, marks a turning point in her life and together, the two overcome adversities and learn a powerful lesson. Through magical metaphors, the magician is able to help Faith see the magic in life, and in it’s ever-changing seasons.

This heart-warming, evening-length, musical production is one the entire family can enjoy.

Don't miss out on a spectacular evening with
SEASONS: A Magical Musical!
Seasons 2017

The Production Team

Rod Chow

Producer & Illusionist

Gemma Crowe

Lead Choreographer

Jonathan Eltis

Assosciate producer & Drama Director

Jacq Smith

Featured Choreographer: Love Duet
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